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Welcome to STG Deals & Steals!

Making couponing easier in St. George, Utah

Welcome to STG Deals & Steals! I've been #couponing for the last 10 years and absolutely, LOVE IT! My friends and family always ask; "How do you have time to coupon with everything you have going on?" my answer; "I've learned to make couponing easy!"

So this blog is dedicated to them. Every week I'll be showcasing my top deals and on occasion daily steals. No coupon binders, no running to the store to by multiple newspapers. I'll breakdown my tips and tricks on how to coupon for under 1 hour a week. I'll also show you how I save money on my weekly grocery shopping and at times how to make money couponing!!!

You heard me right. I make money couponing!!! Now, before you consider quitting your day job, let me tell you how much I made last month. $100! Is that enough to replace my job? Definitely not. So, until my couponing makes me a millionaire, I'll have some fun and show you my savvy finds around town.

- K

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